Solutions for Unreliable Internet Connections on Maui

Got the broadband blues? Strengthen your business networks using redundant internet circuits including fiber, cellular modems, DSL, and more.

Nobatech can set up your network with redundant circuits so that your internet connection is rock solid.

One of the many complaints business owners have on Maui is the instability of their internet connections. Many businesses are operating complex networks, IP cameras, POS systems, and critical cloud-based business apps off of a single, shared cable connection. For some businesses, like restaurants and cafés, providing fast, stable WiFi for their customers can be a big selling point to attract more patrons. While Spectrum may sell you a “business” cable internet connection, 9 times out of 10 what you are actually paying for is the same residential cable connection as the guy in the apartment or condo next door, upstairs, or down the street.

The simple fact is that the cable infrastructure on Maui, as it is in most areas, is built-out and shared by neighborhood. While Spectrum may sell you a “200 Mbps” circuit, what that really means is you are sharing 200 Mbps bandwidth with your whole block or neighborhood - basically there is a switch or splitter somewhere on the block that is feeding several homes, units, or offices in a given area.

This explains why your internet connection may slow down at peak hours. You may have noticed that from 4-6 pm your internet is slow. This is because everyone on Maui just got home from work and is checking email, surfing the web, or firing up their favorite streaming video on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. And as streaming content becomes more and more popular, the bandwidth drain on local cable circuits will continue to get worse.

But there is hope! During one of my last IT jobs on the mainland I worked at a large tech company in LA’s “Silicon Beach” area. My job was to ensure that every office had redundant business fiber internet connections that were dedicated - meaning that they were not shared with anyone else in the neighborhood. These are called “DIA” connections - “Dedicated Internet Access.” These are fiber optic lines that connect your office directly to the telco/utility central office. These types of connections are also known as “business ethernet,” “metro ethernet,” etc.

The reason why large corporations insist on having redundant internet connections at their offices is to ensure that all the coders, administrators, and other workers who rely on stable internet to do their jobs can always be connected to the internet. At my job, if one fiber circuit went down (which did happen sometimes), the other connection was there to kick in and catch the traffic. We would set up routers for a seamless cutover so that there would be no downtime in the event of a circuit failure. For any business, internet downtime is a costly problem that can be avoided.

Another router configuration strategy to work with multiple internet connections (or “WANs”) is load-balancing. In short, load-balancing distributes bandwidth demand over the multiple internet circuits which can boost your overall experienced bandwidth and cover the gap when one circuit is slowed down or even disconnected.

Setting up a redundant circuit at your home or business can save you lost productivity and therefore money. And it doesn’t require an enterprise-level budget or IT department to accomplish this. At Nobatech, we can provide you with a tailored, redundant internet circuit solution for your home or business to keep you online all the time. Call or email us today for a free consultation!