Incident Response

identify, respond, recover, & Reinforce

Have you experienced a Cybersecurity Incident, and need help recovering?  We can help you understand to what extent you may have suffered loss, contain potential threats, eradicate those threats, and make necessary improvements.

We can also monitor your network for potential attacks, or be available to incidents on retainer.

Program Features

incident response - threat identification

determine the extent of damage

Sometimes it can be difficult to find out which machines have been hacked.  We can help determine if you have been breached, and the extent of the damage done.

incident response - containment

Respond: containment

If you have been hacked, we can help contain the attack.  We will help you prevent the attack from spreading.

incident response - eradication

respond: eradication

We will help remove all traces of the attack across all pieces of your network.

incident response - recovery


We can help you return your network back to normal working order after you have been attacked.

incident response - cybersecurity reinforcement


After an incident we can help  strengthen your organization's security posture to defend against future attacks and incidents.

incident response - planning and training

IR planning & Training

We can help you plan so that your staff knows what procedures to follow in case of incident.