We offer a wide spectrum of IT services including infrastructure build-outs, systems engineering, cybersecurity, as well as project management and consulting. We combine decades of combined experience to deliver high-level, customized solutions for all our clients big and small. We also employ cutting edge security tools to safeguard all our clients' sensitive and confidential information.

Our objective is to build "right sized" technology solutions for you.  We specialize in creative solutions that meet your specifications and budget.


infrastructure - wiring, Network, & data Center

With our extensive experience building networks and data environments from the ground up, we're not afraid to get our hands dirty. 

  • Low Voltage (Data & Communications) Cabling: Cat5, Cat6, Fiber Optics
  • WiFi & PTP (Point-to-Point Radio) Deployments
  • Network Stack Build-outs & Commissioning
  • Data Closet Construction
  • Data Center Build-outs  
  • Floor & Wall Cable Raceway Solutions
  • Electrical Installations & Retrofitting 
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Systems & Cloud Computing

We can help you deploy right-sized server environments to help you with your needs.  We understand hardware and cloud environments.

  • Server Deployment 
    • Linux - Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, etc.
    • Windows - Windows Server & Active Directory
  • Systems Engineering & Configuration
  • Cloud Computing - Azure, AWS, Rackspace, Google Cloud
  • DevOps - Automation & Scripting
  • Database Administration
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We can help you with strategic advisory consulting, incident response, assessments and training to help you protect your enviornment.

  • Security Compliance
  • Security Governance
  • Assessment & Testing
  • Security Audits
  • Training